Our products are made with the finest materials and will maintain their luster with proper care. When your jewellery is not being worn, store it in your LACONIC jewellery box. Herringbone chains should be laid flat. We are always here to help you care for your jewellery. You can contact us at


Purchasing gold jewellery from LACONIC is an investment. Solid gold is a precious metal and will not tarnish or discolor. While your gold jewellery can be worn exercising, showering, swimming, or sleeping, we recommend taking your jewellery off to reduce exposure to elements, especially pieces with higher karats. To clean your gold jewellery at home, we recommend cleaning your pieces in warm water with gentle soap, drying them thoroughly, and polishing them with your LACONIC jewellery cloth.


Our gold vermeil pieces are made with a base of 925 sterling silver with a thick layer of 14K gold plating. Vermeil pieces are of a higher quality than traditional gold plating but do require care. While we use the finest materials to create our pieces, gold vermeil can tarnish over time due to water overexposure, lifestyle factors, and your body's PH. To extend the life of your LACONIC gold vermeil pieces they should be removed while exercising, swimming, showering, and sleeping. We recommend regularly polishing your vermeil pieces with our LACONIC jewellery cloth.


Our silver pieces are made with 925 sterling silver and thick rhodium plating. The latter ensures our silver pieces are extremely durable and will not tarnish. We recommend regularly polishing your silver jewellery with our LACONIC jewellery cloth.