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A special day calls for special accessories. Shop the Bridal Collection for elegant and affordable sterling silver and gold bridal jewellery, unisex wedding bands and more.

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As individuals dealing with anxiety, our aspiration has long been to create a piece that marries aesthetics with functionality. We're thrilled to collaborate with The Nutrition Junky to introduce a solution that addresses the mental anguish and physical compulsions often associated with anxiety and ADHD. The Serenity Ring is a fidget ring crafted in gold vermeil, and features a spinning stone available in onyx or moonstone. This exquisite piece serves as a channel for restless energy, aiding in concentration and a sense of calm. Whether you're managing anxiety, ADHD, or simply seeking a beautifully interactive accessory, the Serenity Ring is a valuable addition to your collection.

xx Carly & Mackenzie

“Your jewelry introduces you before you even speak.”

Laconic by definition means using or involving the use of a minimum of words. At LACONIC, we believe fine jewellery is for the everyday, not just a single occasion. LACONIC’s ultramodern designs are meant to make a statement, celebrate your style, and inspire and elevate your confidence.

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